Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Things Intentional

It's been said that good intentions pave a road to Hell. In my case, it's a super-highway with eight lanes.

I do; however, have the best of intentions. I wake up every day full of vigor and raring to go. However; somewhere between guzzling coffee and checking Facebook to see who took their garbage out that day, got a haircut, or cleaned between their toes, my list of good intentions finds me paving yet a new lane.

So...I make lists on Post-It notes. Several. I tape them to my purse, the inside of my car so I can view them, and also different strategic spots throughout the house. No space, living or otherwise, is sacred when it comes to Post-It note "sticking." Ask my dog.

I even carry said list into work and tape it to myself. Customers observe the list and go, "Oh aren't you smart! I wish I were that organized." Bawwhahahaha...(one born every day, eh?) Of course with all things being ABOUT ME, I beam, offer them my best philosophical look, and say pointing to the sky, "Well you know what they say...never put off today...bla...bla...bla." Hey, they started it.

Oh a good day, I've been known to go as far as actually reading the day's list. And then somewhere in the large, open space between my ears (think empty gymnasium) my intentions crumble and the list is forgotten.

At the end of the day, my list is replaced with a new and improved list; and the beat goes on. Are you sensing a pattern here?

I've realized something about myself. I am one of those people who just like to make list. Unfortunately, that's as far as it goes. In reading over the last 25 or so lists I've made, one could say I am statistically below average on accomplishing goals. So low I could walk upright under a snake's belly. Sigh...

Then again, it's all in perspective. I like to think I'm doing my part in keeping a lot of people employed at the Post-It Notes factories.

Oh crap, that reminds me...

1. Need more Post-It Notes
2. Thank neighbor for cake they brought over last year
3. ...