Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Life Before Facebook

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook. So much so that I’ve added it to my early morning routine. It goes something like this.

1. Wake up. Put feet on floor. Avoid mirror.
2. Make coffee. Tap fingers while waiting on coffee
3. Cheat, slip cup under agonizing slow drip and get first cup
4. Sit in front of computer until coffee hits brain

After fueling, I check Facebook to see who’s celebrating another birthday, what animals need rescuing, and other miscellaneous posts. It’s what I do. However, some days it leaves me cold. It’s on those days that I’m reminded of a time when writing/receiving letters or cards was an important line of communicating with friends and family.

Whatever happened to writing a page or two, or even a short message (dare I say it?) longhand; and then actually mailing them? Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail besides, “we’re going to come and get your stuff if you don’t pay.” Bawwhahaha…you want my dust? Puleaseeee, be my guest.

For the record, I do have ONE friend who writes and it is always so exhilarating to know a letter is on the way. I wait impatiently with double—no wait, triple excitement as I watch for the post-person to deliver my friend’s fun-filled, detailed letter. Planting myself by the window, I watch…and wait…and wait. Kinda like the coffee thing.

Then…spotting the vehicle carrying my bounty, I race out to the mailbox in case she even thinks about NOT stopping. Post-person pulls up, rolls her eyes (why does she do this?) as I thrust my hand in her face and yell at the top of my lungs, ‘GIMME! GIMME!’ By the way, what’s a duffus?

Sadly, it seems writing letters or sending cards is a dying art. Well, except for bill collectors. Yet why?

Its fun, your replies can stir creative juices in your mind, and it keeps the post office in biz. It is a win-win.

Thank goodness peeps like Pam have excellent cards for practically nutin' so I can continue spreading joy (or some would say, manure) to my buds. Why not write to someone today; specifically, ME. Make it as straightforward as you want. Or lie. Lying is acceptable along with gossip, half-truths, and even no truths. Just write. I’ll be waiting outside with my dictionary looking up new words; like duffus.

Queenie - Waiting impatiently for letters, cards, and what the heck; donations in large, unmarked green bills; not the other kind.