Saturday, December 24, 2005

All Things 2006

Happy New Year World….

I’m looking back over this year and wondering what I can take with me into the new one, and also, what I can leave behind.

I know I’m taking the memories of watching my own children as they take brave steps toward the future they envision for their lives.

I’m taking the relationship I have developed between me and my God with a clearer understanding of what he meant by “love thy neighbor.”

I will be taking my need to write more, and to reach out to people who need to laugh, and heal.

I know I’m leaving behind, with God’s help, my petty jealousies, my guilt from past mistakes, and my bad habits. I will also leave behind past hurts and the memory of those who would wish me harm. I will send you loving thoughts instead.

I’m taking all of my new friends who encourage me and only want to see me grow and succeed, and I’m discarding the ones who couldn't or wouldn't allow me to do so because it was in a different direction from their own. I still love them, but I must leave them.

I’m taking my hopes, dreams, and excitement about life into the new year. I feel confident that 2006 will be the best year of my life. I would hate to think the best had already come … and gone. Wouldn’t you?

I know I’m taking you with me. Together we will soar to new heights. Together we will pray for peace.

Let it begin with me.

Happy New Year --Queen Jaw Jaw