Monday, August 16, 2010

When Old Friends Collide

This past week I had the pleasure of dinner with some classmates from high school...the "girls," as I've labeled them.

Yes, we graduated like a 100 years ago, but that night, just that one night, we were sixteen again.

The chatter was nonstop and the laughter, tales, and love for one another was alive and intact, even after all these years.

By the way, if they mention anything I did in school, it's a lie. I was framed, I tell ya, framed.

Time may think it has been successful in being unkind to us and our bodies, but time be damned. I saw girls that have been transformed into some of the most beautiful women on earth.

I saw nothing but sparkles in each woman's eyes. There was evidence of growth and maturity of the best kind as they told the stories of their lives since school. I witnessed a love for each other that cannot be measured, nor interrupted. Not even by time.

Yes, the wrinkles and our "fluffiNESS," was there. No one noticed. Like a buried time capsule, we opened every memory and discovered lost treasures, once again.

Each "girl" undoubtedly left with a full heart. Time may have changed us physically, but time cannot alter hearts that are connected. It cannot penetrate, or harm, the love that was passed back and forth across the table that night, because just like the ketchup bottles, it was refilled.

As the nice people at the restaurant turned out the lights, (Yes, we closed them down) we parted with many hugs and with tears, and also promises to meet again, very soon.

I'll not deny that time does march on, but for one night--that one, special night--time was gracious and oh so giving, allowing us to fill the atmosphere with our yesterday's.

Most of all, we walked away knowing...we did, and we do, matter.

Dinner = $14.00 bucks and worth every penny
Whose boobs now touches our knees = It was a draw
Who did what in school = I was framed I tell ya!

Rekindled friendships = Priceless

JJ - Proudly, one of the "girls"


Blogger Ann and Dennis said...

I love when I turn back into my childhood self with girlfriends. Sometimes time does stand still, even if the rest of the world does not. I only wish I had gone to high school with you!

9:36 AM  
Blogger Chatty Lady said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Chatty Lady said...

How wonderful to hear you gals had such a marvelous time together. Your words reminded me of being 16 again and so dumb wanting to grow up so fast, too fast.

I am praying you get whatever you want from this time forward, and I will see you on Facebook since we are friends there too.

I made some mistakes on the deleted post and couldn't find where to correct them so deleted the whole thing.

Has anyone said you are awesome yet today? If not then I will...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

7:39 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

I am so glad you had time with your girlfriends. It is so important to keep those links. Good for you!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Queen Jaw Jaw said...

How cool! While I was sleeping my "online" sistahs stopped by. Love you gals!

5:22 AM  

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