Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Singing the Email Jail Blues

I spent the last two days in Email Jail. This means whenever I would write to a particular friend, it would bounce back saying I was ahhh...you know the word, it rhymes with HAM.

My bud and I have things to say, people to gossip about, weight to discuss, new shoes to dream about. So not being able to get through, we had to resort to that other thing--it rhymes with HOME.

My bud decides enough is enough, so she called the Email Police that serves her account. I ain't sayin' who it is, but it rhymes with Farter.

Here's how the conversation went down...and I do mean downnnnn.

Bud: Hello, I need your help. My friend, Queen Jaw Jaw, writes to me and every time she does, the Email Police bounce it back to her.

Farter: Apparently--WAIT...did you say Queen Jaw Jaw? Is that her name?

Bud: No, it's her Moniker.

Farter: Her what-a-ker?

Bud: Can we move on?

Farter: Apparently, the Queen (not trying to hide her amusement) is sending too many emails and was flagged as HAM.

Bud: This started two days ago and she only sent me THREE emails.

Farter: Yes, and that was three too many.

Bud: Are you serious?!!! What kind of answer is that? We've been emailing back and forth for five years. Why tag her as "ham" NOW?

Farter: Apparently, she sends too many emails to you and to others.

Bud: Excuse me, but how do you know who else she sends them to?

Farter: Well...ah...well...we...ah...look; you just don't understand how this end of things work. (Farter said with a superior voice)

Bud: Listen, you ___ (Rhymes with---hmmm...what rhymes with moron?) I want her out of jail. Toooo-day! And here's how it works from my end. You block my friends, I go to that other company (It rhymes with Hell-SOUTH) and I say, buh bye to Farter. CLICK

I was busted out shortly after. Me and da Bud are back in biz. I have to tell you though, that two days were long and lonely. The worst part was I had to resort to doing that other thing...it rhymes with DIRT.

JJ--the Jail Bird


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What rhymes with Dirt?
hurt, shirt, aaa...I got a brain fart.
You JJ are not a SPAM, you are the Queen HAM !
I'm chuckeling all the way to the ...( - it rhymes with bridge.) ( and you can eat out of it)...( And it tends to hold the best pacifiers for situations like you've been going through.)

10:25 AM  
Blogger Queen Jaw Jaw said...

Girl, you a tad old for a pacifier, don't cha think? Whattt? Did I miss something? (insert evil giggle). On my way there now. I need a chocolate fix!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting a visual of you heading for the oreo department at the grocery store to recover from email "lockdown" JJ......yeah, chocolate helps - oreos HEAL.

Funny stuff - but I imagine it's only funny if it's not happened to one of US - right?


2:21 PM  
Blogger Queen Jaw Jaw said...

Chocolate helps...Oreos heal. Hmmm...I may use that, Pinki. What a tag line!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Chatty Lady said...

I too have been bothered with trying to send you emails my Queen.
Whenever I post a comment to one (all) of your blogs, I get an [unable to deliver] note in my email box and I wasn't even trying to send you an email. Oh well no harm done unless they are shutting you out and you don't know it.
I am beginning to hate all these interuptions mofre and more from so called helpers...DAH!!!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

I haven't had that happen - yet - but I hate dealing with big corporations. Most of their front line customer service people couldn't find their way out of a paper bag! Glad you're back up and running.

7:32 PM  

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