Monday, June 14, 2010

Messin’ with your neighbors

Need some fun to kick off your summer?

I’m here to help. No, don’t thank me…I dooo wh—oh never mind. You know the line.

Everybody has “garbage day,” right? So here’s what you do.

Roll out your garbage can early, early one morning that ISN’T garbage day. Don't forget to recycle! Do it early enough so you can stay in your PJ’s and bunny slippers. What? Like you don’t wear bunny slippers? Uh huh, sure Hun.

So roll it out say, around 5:30ish. That way you beat the crowd that has to leave early for that real job.

AnyWAY, roll it out and then run back into the house, grab some java and watch the fun begin. Neighbors will look out, see your can, and panic. If it’s on a Monday, they are still fuzzy from the weekend and it won’t hit them that…it runs on Tuesday.

Men, women, (and sometimes the ones that can actually get their teens carry out garbage), will come running out, racing down their driveways, trash flying everywhere, with one, two, and even three cans, trying to beat the truck. They have this look on their faces that says, “Crap! What day is this? Did someone change the day for garbage? Why doesn’t the city notify us! I’m calling those suckers today!

I’m particularly fond of watching the neighbor that parties hard on the weekend. His can and ten boxes of empty beer bottles isn’t the only thing dragging.

Here’s the good part. After all the neighbors have their cans out, sneak out and bring yours back in.

Trashy, aren’t I?

If you wait one month to the day, you can have a repeat performance…unless you get a call from the city in which case, there are always Halloween decorations for August. THAT really messes with um. And Christmas…Flag Day. Be creative!

I guess that saying really IS true. Someone's trash is another person's treasure...or something like that.

JJ - Queen of the Trash.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I just LOVE this idea! Leave it to the Queen of Trash (?) to provide yet another way for us to keep ourselves entertained by watching our neighbors PANIC. Love it......


3:39 PM  
Blogger Chatty Lady said...

This city of Vegas charges fee's for every little thing, no sales or state income taxes, oh sure, but they get us coming and going with dozens of stupid fee's. I am especisally ticked off to have to pay for garbage pick up. Not in Illinois did we have to pay. Plus its $37.80 every three months and going up steadily. So like you say JJ, in jammies and slippers I creep out into the NIGHT, it has to be dark out. I take my full black Heavy Duty Cinch Sack and deposit it in front of a neighbors home along with their garbage. Our trash pick up is very early so must be out the night before. Do I feel bad about not paying, hell no!!! I finally found one tiny way to beat a city fee...

6:42 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Hilarious, JJ! I'll have to try it someday when I'm not one of those people rushing off to work!

7:32 PM  

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