Thursday, June 03, 2010


After raising two boys on my own, I can tell you there are no surprises left. They found my buttons years ago, and learned to push every single one just at the right moment. But, for all of their shenanigans, I am still in love with both of them. They light up my world and make my heart sing. I am blessed.

Even when I ask THE SON to take out the garbage and he forgets. And even when I sit said garbage (mind you, it's only ONE bag) in front of his work van and he runs over it leaving for work. How do you run over a bag that's in FRONT of you vehicle when you are backing up? Do you think he was trying to tell me something?

THE SON redeemed himself by cooking pancakes that evening so I let him live to see another garbage day.

I'm thinking that both boys are savvy in the ways of Button Pushing. For instance, they let me think they've forgotten Mother's Day and right after I announce that I'm surely not long for this old world, (sniff...sniff, hanky in hand), they pull out the cards and a dozen red roses which I'm pretty sure didn't come off a grave. Score one for the boys.

Or when I get on a tirade of "why haven't you called me? I could be dead or tied up on the kitchen floor while robbers get my stuff!" They say, "Check your answering machine, Mom. Two calls just yesterday; no answer. And who would rob you of dust?"

Score; Mom = 0, Boys = 2

Are they going behind my back taking "Pushing Mom's Buttons - 101?" Is there such a class? If so, THE SONS are undoubtedly ace pupils.

Just once, just ONCE I would love to get the upper hand. One would think they love me or something. mind. Humility; it's a good thing. Sigh...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHA...well, you are lucky to have two boys who love their Mom and look after her like they do - AND, one of them has presented you with two cutie-pie grandbeauties already! Who knows what lies ahead...other than that bag of garbage you leave in front of your son's van that is.


11:59 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Is it a male thing to ignore something right under the nose? My boys were the same way, but I love that you tell the story much better than I could!

7:09 PM  
Blogger Lina Rehal said...

Good one, JJ. I love it. Only have one son. (and one daughter) They are amazing.

Great blog!


9:01 PM  

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