Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Things Big Fish in Little Pond

A big fish in a little pond. That's the term I use for people who say one thing, but their lives, or actions speak another. Yet they say it because it makes them feel important, heard, or in some cases, even loved.

Sorry, but I left my humor on the back porch today. really can "be our friend" when you want space to clear your heart and head. These past few weeks, time has walked side by side with me and I've heard, watched, listened, and of course read how others conduct their lives, what they say to me specifically, and to the public.

I've come to the conclusion that many, many people speak with forked tongues. They offer the world one thing where in reality, their "truth" is being mask behind some fear.

They'll say something like, "give me feedback, I want it! I love it!" yet when you do, they resent it to the point they assume the fetal position and suck their thumb. How dare you send them, the owner of the words, feedback! This brings on an even bigger "rant" and then, and only then, do they feel vindicated against the injustice of the "feedback" they wanted. THEY WANTED? Uh huh. Sure babe...Yawnnnnn.

Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on ME.

Then there are those who do good deeds, but ONLY if they are recognized over and over (ad nauseam) for those deeds. They do them, then tell the entire world what they did. Why don't they just wear a sign that says, "It REALLY IS ALL ABOUT ME."

The real heros are the ones that don't have to tell the world what good act they performed, or who they know, or how much they have OR spent on that deed. The good deed alone is their reward.

Let's don't forget the political zealots who would have their voice heard above anyone else's. They're right, you're wrong, and you don't have a brain, otherwise, you would know that they're right, you're wrong. They have ALL of the answers, your candidate is a moron, and by default, that makes YOU a moron as well.

I look at these people and their lives, and how miserable they are, and how they only come alive when it's something political, something they can shout up and down about, believing they're superior at knowing, and by God, you WILL hear them...because they need you to. Sadly, it's all they have.

It reminds me of the uneducated, loud redneck at a football game. Their team is #1, no matter how lousy they these loudmouths have never set foot on a college campus in their lives, and barely got out of the eight grade, but they'll fight to the death for THEIR TEAM because....ah, well, hmm, because that small pond just got another fish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! I hear ya on this one. People ASK for opinions and feedback but they don't REALLY want it unless they can be absolutely guaranteed it's going to stroke their ego. Weird. I mean who would have thought the day would come when being HONEST wasn't worth the time or trouble?? I say, if you don't want to know - don't ask. And isn't THAT a shame!

Pam Kimmell, Author/Artist

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just learned for the first time the the queen writes with passion whether she's using humor or not. Let it all out girlfriend! You make some excellent points.
Dotsie Bregel

9:57 AM  
Blogger Paulette said...

A part of our society has become so self centered and has allowed their ego to lead them. They will pay for their short sightedness in the long run. In the meantime, let's the rest of us remain humble.
Paulette (PC McCullough)

5:07 PM  

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