Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Things Losing It

Some days I truly believe I'm losing it. Now I'm not talking about those times when you walk into a room and think, "why did I come in here?" Everybody has a busy schedule nowadays, and it's easy to overload the old brain. So when things like that happen, I put it down to too many thoughts rolling around my brain, fighting for my attention. They're simply nothing to get excited over...

The ones that scare me are when I find the telephone in the freezer, or I get up, dress for work, and start out the door...then remember I've been retired for three years. Yelllll-ooooo. Time for a reality check, Queenie.

If any of my adoring fans read this (either one of you) and want to tell me this is normal behavior, or if would like to comment and share some of your own "misplaced behavior," please do! I would love to know that I have company.

I seemed to be advancing into the "seniorhood" role quite rapidly, and according to some friends, these things prove it.

1) I'm talking to toaster-ovens, microwaves, coffee pots, and other assorted inanimate objects. I say things like "hurry up, will ya? I'm dying here!" In retrospect, naming them was probably not the actions of a sane boomer. Tilly the toaster, Milford the micro, and Cooter the coffe---you know, this has the makings of a good Baby Boomer Hero-type show, am I right? Now where did I put that pen..oh yeah, Freddie the Freezer has it.

2) I am suspicious of any new neighbors. I hear a noise, peek out the blinds, and then begin imaging they are surely devil worshipers or worse, editors.

3) I keep a list of all of the commercials I hate. This however, prove to be too time consuming, so I made adjustments and now, I only list the top 100.

4) I blog about it.

I need to phone 1-800-get-a-life...and I would...only I can't find the phone.


Anonymous Patricia Blacklidge said...

I love this one. I once found a mitten in my freezer. 4 months later I found the other one on top of the refrigerator. I was so relieved. Oh it just fell in.

10:02 AM  

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