Friday, August 01, 2008

Walk-in's Are Welcome!

It was a good morning. I was nestled into my computer chair trying to figure out the schedule for the day. That's when Trixie, my Boxer, came unglued. She was making those, "I'm going to eat you alive" barking noises and it startled me. Coffee is hot in your know?

I ran to the front door and low and behold...I had visitors. One Great Dane along with a sidekick...a Boxer puppy. Now if this wasn't a Disney Movie in the making, I don't know what is. First I took Kujo in the back of the house and put her in another room, then I went outside to assess the situation.

Were these two convicts ever glad to see me! We played, I asked questions, they licked. So I fed and watered them, then knew I had to do what any animal lover would do...find the owners. Since they were going toward the busy street, there was no way I could just abandoned them to their fate; which would be a large SUV or truck. Ack! NO WAY!

I even entertained visions of keeping them as I saved them from some sordid life that I was SURE they had escaped from...but the visions turned into nightmares of training TWO more dogs, buying case after case of food, and having shoes turn up with holes in them. I would advertise and find the owners.

I called the local vets, animals shelters, and put a big sign on my mailbox that simply said, FOUND DOGS. I waited. I put Kibble and Bits in the fenced-in backyard and left them with food and water. I had no choice but to wait, so I returned to work.

Later that day, the the storms came. Thunder...lightening. Who can leave pets outside in that? Not this sap.

Let me tell you good deed goes unpunished. I went outside and had to drag the big girl toward the house....until she realized she was headed for shelter, then she dragged me. Since I was wearing sandals, it was like skiing. The Boxer followed happily along. She didn't give a rip where she was going as long as she had a playmate.

Soaked..tired...and flustered, I dried ALL of us off, made pallets on the floor for the girls, and then fell on the couch. They slept...I started to doze.

That's when I heard the knock on the door.

Seems the convicts were the missing babies of a new neighbor who had been searching for five hours. Sordid lives..hardly.

There were tears of joy over the reunion. Mine, and the owner(s).

I let Trixie back into the living room and after a few territorial sniffs, she positioned herself back onto her loveseat, but facing me, for some reason. Weird.

I laid down on the couch, feeling pretty "Samaritan" about it all until I looked over that Trixie. She was staring hard at me with her "Judas" look. Sigh...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a heart-warming story! Bless you Oh Great Queen JawJaw for sheltering these two dogs until their owner figured out they were will have a special place in heaven for this good deed (among MANY others) I'm sure. I'm sure in time Trixie will forgive you for bringing those STRANGERS into HER house.


9:22 AM  
Blogger said...

JJ did you forget about your blog? I want to see more pics of your Orphan Annie hairdo. I think it looks adorable on you:)

3:51 AM  
Blogger Queen Jaw Jaw said...

Hun, making fun of old people ain't nice...LOL!

1:23 PM  

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