Sunday, February 06, 2005

Trixie Smixsee...Hell-O People!

I was out of pocket no less than a couple of hours. What happens? Not only does my roomy write on MY blog, but you people applaud it. Hell-O? She's a dog for Pete's sake...she is NOT a writer, capice? She's a canine...she eats, she sleeps, she leaves surprises. End of story people. Now for the love of all that's holy will you puleaseeee stop sending her fan mail?

Yo Trixie human,
Thanks for the plug on your Blog, but I’ve really morphed into a radically different personality since my original letter to you guys. I’ve only recently discovered that my real 3-D (dog donor daddy) was very possibly an alien, or at the very least, the mayor of Birmingham at one time. I’ll let you know when I sniff out the truth.

I'd been clueless about this blog invasion if Eddie the E-dog had not sent this message to Trixie at MY email address...oh and Evie, in Canada? Against my better judgement, I gave Trixie your message of warm wishes and regards.

Give my regards to Trixie, excellent job on taking over the blog......a dog blog....hee hee that's too much

Oh gag...regards? Taking over? A DOG BLOG? Are you crazy?!!!

Well, REGARD THIS! I think you people are missing the point here, eh? Blog, Queen...Trixie, Dog...this ain't rocket science people...

I wasn't going to bring this up, but you've forced my hand. I'm almost positive Trixie doesn't even write that stuff. I heard thru the grapevine that Sammie the Grey was over here that day (and I saw the poker chips left on the table in the game room) and I heard that Sammie was at the computer (different kind of chips on keyboard). So...see? You may be sending fan mail to the wrong ah...ah...animal person (is that politically correct?). the future, the least you could do is put something in the subject line of your emails that says "for Trixie" or "TrixieMail" or something. I mean, I'm reading along, "you are such a good writer and I adore your paws--" I adore your paws? That'll stop you cold.

You listening people? Why am I so uptight? You think I'm taking it too hard?

YESTERDAY....I caught Trixie prancing around the house, wearing my crown. Nuff said.


Blogger fauxcajun said...

Hey! Psst, Trixie, it me, Nipperdawg over heah in South Lostbananna, remember me? Yeah, baby, I know you remember. . . Wait, that ain't whot I need to talk to ya about. Sounds like you done progressed a little more than I have if you are brazen enough to walk around wearing her crown. I guess you got more of the regular dose from the mothership. But you had better watch out, if you get too frisky you gonna blow the whole thing and you'll catch it when we get back home on cannineearth. Just be patient, the world domination plan is working just great as it is, hell, we got the stupid humans even hiring shrinks for us, can . . .you . . . believe . . . that? I'm gone now, but take a little advice, don't go to thinking you are really a human because that will only degrade you. Later babe, we'll get us a . . . Never mind, you know what. Heehee.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I do believe it's time for Trixie to have her own crown.
Another wonderful blog!!!!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trixie indeeds deserves and needs her own crown!

Neat article! Made me laugh and enjoy the day more....


1:58 PM  

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