Saturday, September 27, 2008

All Things Better...Now

Karma is a big old meanie.

I've just completed a week and a half of taking care of grandchildren as my sweet, adorable, oldest son was in the hospital with a big, bad, angry gall bladder. Ouch!

He had his surgically removed and got ice cream.

I wasn't so lucky. I had the grandchildren. I'm sure that some past life transgression (there are so many) was the reason for my punishment. One can only hope my dues are paid.

Holy cow...Do you know how many times a Strawberry Shortcake DVD can be played before it is totally worn out? Totally?

I've built tents in the living room, my bedroom, and in the kitchen. I've played hide and seek a bazillion times and found out that small kids cheat.

I've colored, finger-painted, and eaten so many banana pops, I want to swing from trees.

I'm washed clothes, cleaned icky stuff off the TV remote (which will NOT flush down the toilet! Yeah!), and read The Pokey Little Puppy like a hundred times. The last time I just couldn't take it anymore and cracked. I said, "Look, he's slow, k? S-l-o-w. The puppy has issues. Here, have a banana pop."

If there is a grandmaw heaven, I'm pretty sure I have a free pass to get in.

The house is now incredibly silent. And for's golden.


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