Monday, September 15, 2008

All Things Beyond Me

I'm Queen Jaw Jaw and I'm technically challenged. There, I said it. Again.

Well, at least I am when it comes to Blogger. Help me Rhonda! Help, help me Rhonda!

Anyway, if you are a loyal fan of da Queen here, and you want to be notified when I spout off---ah, I mean when I offer words of wisdom, then go


and sign up.

Nin-ner, nin-ner, I beat the system...I beat the system...bawhahahah..ahem...cough..spurt...cough...ahem.

I signed up to have the nice, bright and shiny orange thingy for the site here, but THEY put it on the OLD blogger account and in cement, apparently...

Join me, wanna? I promise it won't hurt...much. Once you sign up, THEY (whoever THEY are) will send you an email confirmation thingy....just click on it and you're all set.


Blogger Chatty Lady said...

So tickled Queen Jaw Jaw that you are once again sharing your comedic genius with the masses. I for one laugh just thinking about you, no, thats a good thing! More, wqe want more...

3:24 PM  
OpenID juniorboomer said...

I am and have always been a loyal follower of Da Queen!
Of course, I signed up!

6:45 PM  

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