Saturday, October 29, 2005

All Things Sick

What do you get when you cross an old woman who has bad sinuses with a head cold?

Ahhhhhh chew!

Good answer.

I recently traveled to several cities across the beautiful State of Virginia. What an awesome State! I'd had sinus problems before I ever left home, but I noticed as we traveled nortwest, the problems seem to escalate. Instead of talking in a normal whiney voice, I began talking in a stopped up, "need a mitten for my nose" whiney tone and sneezing in between every other word.

Hello? What's this?

THIS turned out to be fever, sneezing, aching, coughing, and get no rest problem. Justttttt great.

Here I am on a book tour and saying to people, "tank oou... I so ahh ahh ahhh chew! appreciate you topping bah ma taabul." They would stare, back away, and make signs of crosses with their fingers. Funny... reallllll funny.

This has been going on for over a week now. I want my life back. Bad as it was, it was free of germs. Trixie gives me a wide birth, and the mailman won't stop. I can't go see my grandbeauty and I CAN'T DO WAL-MART FOR PETE'S SAKE!

I think I need an Exorcist... "COLD BE GONE!" Ahhhh chew! Great... oh yeah, that works. Did my head just spin around? Hmm...

At least I can type like a normal person. Okay, so I was never normal... sue me.

It's hard being me.


Blogger Paul said...

Hi Queen Jaw Jaw,

Just blogging over from my friend Toni's blog and so glad that I did.

Sorry that you are dealing with cold, sinus. Been there, done that and know how you feel.

Thanks for bringing a little little laughter and smile to my face as I began reading your posts.

Getting ready to read more. Grandkids, they are a blessing. I am a stay-at-home grandpa at the present and it is a joy, the grand son's Jordan, 5 and Keian, 4 and a grand daughter Rebekah, age 8.

Be blessed and with your permission I would like to add you to my reads.

Writing for the King,


P.S. It is really tough when you can't make it to Wally World and boy if I couldn't make it to Starbucks, I don't know what I would do :)

3:20 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Hi Queen JJ
An author leaves a comment on my blog and it takes me three months to get around to responding. Oh boy...
I wanted to thank you, for visiting way back then and for your kind comment (it was on 100 things that I Like That I Am)
Anyways, I gotta get back and read your blog.
I hate being sick too. I don't have sinus problems but a cold is always in my throat.
Get plenty of rest.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Chatty Lady said...

I love anything you write, you just think funny Theres a saying i rewad recentlyt that goes: 'WHEN A CHILD IS BORN, SO IS A GRANDMOTHER' and that's the truth.

5:53 PM  

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